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Interested in Starting a Friendship House?

Current Friendship Houses/Models

Western Theological Seminary
(Holland, Michigan)

Serving as the original Friendship House and model, Western Theological Seminary operates a Friendship House for young adults with disabilities (core residents) and divinity students (student residents) to live together. 


Core Residents - 21-30 Years Old

Student Residents - Seminarians at WTS

Location - Holland, MI



Our Place Nashville
(Nashville, Tennessee)

Our Place Nashville empowers adults with developmental disabilities by providing homes that are affordable, work that is meaningful, and inclusive communities in which to live.


Core Residents - Minimum Age of 21

Neurotypical Residents - Varied

Location - Nashville, TN 


University of Aberdeen
(Aberdeen, Scotland)

Friendship House is a place of hospitality and welcome where students, staff and people living with intellectual disabilities can come together in a spirit of friendship. Through a variety of activities, Friendship House fosters inclusion and meaningful relationships.


Duke Divinity School 
(Durham, NC)

This Friendship House provides transitional housing where persons with I/DD live together with Duke Divinity students in an atmosphere of mutuality, friendship and welcome. There are two Friendship Houses, each with two apartments.


Core Residents - 21-30 Years Old (4 Total)

Student Residents - Seminarians at Duke Divinity

Location - Durham NC


Newburg Friendship House
(Newburg, Oregon)

An off campus housing option for George Fox University, offers integrated community housing to GFU students and individuals experiencing developmental disabilities.  


Core Residents - 21-30 Years Old

Student Residents - GFU Students (Female)

Location - Newburg, OR


Friendship House Fayetteville
(Fayetteville, NC)

Friendship House Fayetteville provides integrated housing for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with a unique focus on college students and young professionals in the healthcare/human service fields


Core Residents - 21-30 Years Old

Neurotypical Residents - Healthcare Students

Location - Fayetteville, NC



Make a Visit!

If you are interested in starting or visiting a Friendship House, please reach out! We would love to have you!

Which Friendship House would you like to visit?

We'll get back to you soon to coordinate a visit!

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